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Our consultancy service is dedicated to delivering premier architectural and interior design solutions in Sri Lanka through collaboration with our clients. Crafting distinctive architectural and interior designs is our driving passion. Our firm has a track record of completing projects encompassing both cutting-edge modern architecture and revered classical, colonial, and Dutch architectural styles. We firmly believe that sound architectural practices contribute to the sustainable development of any nation, and thus, it is imperative for architects to prioritize sustainability in their designs. Renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa, hailed as the best architect in Sri Lanka, exemplifies this principle through his successful career marked by a commitment to sustainability. Following in this path, LIYOMARK endeavors to uphold sustainable development principles. Presently, we are exploring low-cost design solutions with an eco-friendly approach.

Archt.J.K.C.D.Malinda Liyanage | LIYOMARK(Pvt)Ltd.

Archt.J.K.C.D.Malinda Liyanage | LIYOMARK(Pvt)Ltd.

Managing Directer | Chief Architect

About the architect

Managing director, Chief Architect of LIYOMARK (Pvt)Ltd, Archt. J.K.C.D.Liyanage, widely known as Malinda Liyanage among his colleagues and clients. He graduated from the University of Moratuwa with a BSc in Built Environment and an MSc in Architecture . In 2004. After gaining formative experience at Geoffrey Bawa Associates from 1999 to 2001, he founded his own firm, Liyomark, in 2010. Since then, he had successfully completed numerous projects in Sri Lanka, including hotels, villas, retreats restaurants, and commercial buildings, factories and personalized houses.


  • Received a Merit award in the  SLIA Design Awards 2024 ceremony under the category of Interior Design for the project Grand Gastrobar restaurant | Negombo.
  • Hotel Pledged 3 in Negombo received an Honourable Mention Award from SLIA in 2016.

Global recognition

Pledged 3, the Sri Lanka's most sophisticated hotel in 2014.
“Chic and stylish: Sri Lanka’s new breed of hotels`` by lan Lloyd Neuberger, for CNN October 3,2014-Update 0525 GMT (1325HKT)
lan Lloyd Neuberger | CNN

— lan Lloyd Neuberger | CNN

Journalist and Photojournalist

Special Highlight


Even though architecture can be experienced in physical form. It is derived from intangible concepts as a
solution for various issues in human society. An Architect will be influenced by the client. The site and its
physical context, weather and socio cultural aspects for invention in the conception. Finding the right concept
is the most important event in an Architect’s role. As all proportions and compositions depend on the concept
of the design. The variations of design and uniqueness are derived through deference’s of conceptualization.

His recent architectural project, Hotel PLEDGE3 in Negombo, was globally recognized as the CNN shared their
view that hotel PLEDGE3 was The Sri Lanka’s most sophisticated hotel.

Scope of services

At LIYOMARK, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including Architectural, Interior Design and
Landscaping. Our approach ensures the seamless integration of various elements, creating spaces that are not
only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally efficient.

We pride ourselves on going beyond computer-generated designs. Experience the difference as we showcase our completed projects, allowing you to witness our architectural vision firsthand.